FC blue 4 - male hormone regulation

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Activation of harmonisation in the male hormonal metabolism (harmonisation for men, "YANG plate", for basic regulation)


KOLZOV male hormone regulation

The bioactive fields of the FC 4 plate are related to the male hormone metabolism, especially to the testosterone balance. This is an important part of Information Medicine, as these hormones have a key function on well-being, performance, mood and thus on life movement. At the same time, they help to neutralise toxins that upset the hormone balance. This plate is not suitable for children, but if it is worn at the beginning of puberty, the typical extremes associated with it are significantly reduced - from skin problems to extreme emotional outbursts.

The following areas of application have been documented by Russian users with significant results:

  • Balancing and normalising the endocrine system (glandular system) and the male hormone metabolism   
  • Restoration of sexual power and regulation for all "male ailments"
  • Balancing and normalisation of the urogenital tract
  • anti-aging effect on the whole organism, rejuvenation of all biological systems
  • positive influence at beginning hair loss and greying
  • Standardisation of the microbial stomach environment and much more


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