FC Bracelet - Intelligence Activator

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Mental vitality and increased ability to think at any age, strive for knowledge, do research or do business


KOLZOV Bracelet - Intelligence Activator

NOTE: The wristbands are made of soft rubber and may tear if handled carelessly. We must point out that the manufacturer will no longer replace broken wristbands, and purchase is at your own risk!

The bracelet "Intelligence-Activator" strengthens memory, intelligence and the ability to think and helps to realise his ideas and dreams. It strengthens mental vitality at any age and helps to develop constantly. It helps young learners in school, training and studies as well as older people who want to open up new things for themselves. In business life it helps to keep a clear head, to develop creative ideas with inspiration and to be able to put them into practice. In this way it contributes to high performance, intellectual wealth, spiritual growth, material security and mental balance.

The bracelet " Intelligence Activator" contains the themes of the Kolzov plates: from the series "FC Lilac" the plate "FC 13", from the series "FC Collection" the plates "Indi" and "Neurovita" and from the series "FC Green" the plate "True Love".

The bracelet " Intelligence-Activator " is especially suitable for:

  • harmonises the function of both halves of the brain (hemispheric synchronisation)   
  • promotes the ability to concentrate, persistence and attention in the learning process
  • increases interest in learning and helps to grasp large amounts of information
  • helps to unfold and express creativity and to develop his talents
  • promotes the development of intuition and spirituality and an expanded consciousness with more love and mindfulness
  • helps to understand the innermost essence of things, phenomena and the laws of life
  • helps to harmonise the relationships between different generations - parents and children - and supports the dissolution of negative ancestral patterns
  • promotes the harmonisation and activation of all chakras and energy centres
  • contributes to the correction and prevention of neurological diseases of different genesis, supports the correction of neuroses, inner restlessness, depression, dejection and other manifestations of emotional imbalance.

!!! Please note that the products on offer are not medical devices, do not promise a cure and can in no way replace a visit to your attending doctor !!!