FC Bracelet - Fitness

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Strengthening physical vitality and fitness, for strengthening muscles and straightening the spine - DELIVERY TIME up to 12 days!


KOLZOV Fitness

NOTE: The wristbands are made of soft rubber and may tear if handled carelessly. We must point out that the manufacturer will no longer replace broken wristbands, and purchase is at your own risk!

Kolzov bracelet "Fitness" aims to increase the stamina of the body, restore physical activity, strengthen the spine and joints.

"In a healthy body dwells a healthy mind" - this winged expression reminds us how important it is to bring all components of human health into harmonious harmony. Kolzov bracelet "Fitness" supports them to lead an active healthy lifestyle, to take care of their body and vitality, to move enough and to engage in sports. It helps to pay attention to his figure, to stay mobile and "in shape". For those who want to keep or regain their vital momentum and good mood, the Kolzov bracelet "Fitness" will be an excellent helper and faithful companion. It energetically intensifies the effect of any kind of training, so that even a regular tight walk becomes a real workout.

The bracelet "Fitness" contains the themes: from the series "FC Collection" the plates "Powerful Water" and "Winner", from the series "FC Exclusive" the plate "Golden Section" and from the series "FC Lilac" the plate "FC 10".

The bracelet "Fitness" is especially suitable for:

  • promotes the maintenance of physical activity, increases the endurance of the body for long-term stress and ensures rapid regeneration of forces after efforts or during rehabilitation
  • promotes straightening of the spine, brings the intervertebral discs to a normal physiological position and helps with herniated discs, shrinkage and rupture of the intervertebral discs (intervertebral hernia)
  • efficiently contributes to the strengthening of the back, supporting and abdominal muscles
  • stimulates the regeneration of joints, promotes blood circulation and prevents inflammatory processes
  • increases the strength and density of bone tissue, prevents pathological changes in cartilage tissue
  • harmonizes the nervous system and increases resistance to stress
  • stimulates brain activity, normalizes cardiovascular system, respiration, hormonal and immune system in the whole body
  • promotes rejuvenation of the body.

The bracelet "Fitness" will be a helpful support on your life path and to your goals!

!!! Please note that the products on offer are not medical products, do not promise any healing and can in no way replace a visit to your treating doctor !!!