Acrylic column & disc for Horus A pyramid

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Get pyramid powers for good energies and a fulfilled life at home

Art no.: HorusA Zubehör


HORUS Energy Pyramid

Accessories for energy pyramid Horus A
acrylic column 10cm diameter, 15cm high € 52,-
acrylic plate 20cm diameter, 2cm thick with hole € 136,-
(without Horus A energy pyramid)

Enhances the effect of the Horus Pyramid by up to 50% - and looks very nice too - with the possibility to put a stone ball on the slab and increase the energy of the pyramid even more!

Further accessories (columns, slabs, stones etc.) on request

These Accessories (Acrylic Column & Plate) are not including the Horus A Energypyramid.
You can order it here:

Horus A Energy Pyramid

18 cm high, energy radius 8-500 m

Has a superficial effect on the heart chakra and the solar plexus and can have a clarifying effect on the emotional area. Serves the soul and the fine control of the higher emotions.

Made of brass with gold frequency and acrylic glass.
Including biocapacitor plate for the middle level.


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