Horus Energy Pyramid Model C

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Get pyramid powers for good energies and a fulfilled life at home

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HORUS Energy Pyramid

Pyramid powers for good energies and a fulfilled life!

Use the support of the Horus energy pyramids, which in their holistic effect are among the strongest and most effective "energy devices" available!

They are truly a blessing for humanity, as they can support us in many ways. They can promote well-being, provide clarity in mental problems or work, harmoniously balance the 7 chakras, strengthen our power of thought, neutralize negative energy fields in the house and in the environment, expand our consciousness, deepen our meditation and much more.

Each pyramid is a real work of art, lovingly made by hand. Its special geometry and the high quality materials used are intended to create a force field that harmoniously connects the cosmic energies with the solar wind field, the earth's magnetic field and all earth ray grids. In addition, their structure is identical to the Feng-Shui Bagua and connects the 8 cardinal points with each other.

This creates a force field (not measurable by science, but radiesthetically verifiable and also perceptible by sensitive and clairvoyant people), which radiates positive frequencies far beyond the pyramids and at the same time magnetically attracts life energy. Positive forces could be activated and the effect of negative fields could possibly be reduced or even neutralized.

The pyramids can be seen as interactive resonators of consciousness, which you can use for your personal development. They already work through their presence in a room or house, but unfold their true potential in conscious exchange with people. The more people connect and work with them, the stronger and more all-encompassing their effect becomes.

All pyramids are connected with each other and form a gigantic network of light over Europe with a centre in the French Pyrenees. There, all Horus pyramids are built on a large leyline that runs from the South Pole 42° across Europe and Germany to the Norpole!

Use this united force field for your well-being and consciousness with a Horus energy pyramid in your house or garden!In addition, each model has a specific effect on people and their environment!

Horus C

180 cm high, energy radius 250m-100km

Can act on all 7 chakras, especially the crown chakra, and summarizes the characteristics of Model A & B Can build up a gigantic protective field against negative astral energies, black magic, etc. and increase the energy in the whole area of action very strongly.

Interior: Made of brass with gold frequency and acrylic glass.
Outside area: Made of stainless steel (V2A) and weatherproof.
Including crystal rod center axis with rock crystal, rose quartz or amethyst

We would like to point out that the following statements come from borderline scientific sources and are not proven or substantiated by official science!


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