Light quantum powder HELIODA

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Pure energy in light quantum powder, for optimal detoxification, better digestion and more vitality.

Art no.: Helioda


Light quantum powder HELIODA

Pure energy in light quantum powder

  • Versatile energy dispenser
  • Let light in the house or...
  • Garden splendor around the vegetable and flower bed
  • Light well-being
  • Energy Eating and drinking


Content per can 500 ml - 310 grams

Pure energy

Without light there is no life, because light is energy. But energy is unfortunately a very volatile matter. Until now. By means of a novel process, it has now been possible for the first time to apply and store biophotons (light particles) on carrier substances such as ultra-fine rock flour. Tests at the University of Vienna have brought astonishing results. This light energy is extraordinarily high and effective over many months! The rock flour mixed with light quanta is named "Helioda" after the Greek sun god Helios.  

Versatile energy dispenser
In our energy-poor everyday life Helioda can give many activating or harmonizing impulses. On the one hand, we receive too little light when working in closed rooms. This affects our health and psyche. On the other hand, our food, water and soil are also becoming increasingly low in energy, while negative energies such as electro-smog are increasing. Although Helioda is not a remedy, it can have a positive influence on the physical, mental and spiritual level, for example by acting on the hormone system and metabolism.

Here are a few possible applications:

Let light into your home, or...:

Protective walls: Stir Helioda into the wall paint (5 tablespoons per 10 litres of paint) to improve the indoor climate and reduce stress caused by electro-smog

For restful sleep: place Helioda under the mattress between two mattress protectors. Can improve the sleeping climate and neutralize water veins and similar sources of disturbance.

Take a deep breath and add the light quantum powder to the indoor fountain.

Put on shiny: In small spoonful of Helioda for the cleaning bucket, add only water. Is very suitable for glass, varnish and other smooth surfaces, also in the car interior. Gives a nice shine and protects against dust deposits.

Garden splendour around the vegetable and flower bed: For lawn, flowers, shrubs, trees & Co. the garden version of Helioda, the so-called "ANT" is very well suited to improve rooting, growth and soil condition and increase resistance to pests. Vegetables, fruits, salads and herbs can increase in taste, size and quality. Also suitable for indoor plants.

Light well-being: The Helioda powder can be put into fabric, leather or felt bags and worn on the body. Hanging around the neck (at sternum level), the light quanta can relieve emotional stress. Pouched in a trouser pocket or placed on the appropriate part of the body, Helioda is also said to provide relief for hip and joint complaints.

Energy eating and drinking: Pour some Helioda into small glass bottles or violas to activate drinks and water. Fill a shallow bowl with Helioda and put fruit or other foods in it for a few minutes just before eating. Energize the food!
"Light is energy and also information - content, form and structure. It forms the potential for everything." David Bohm, quantum physicist        

Recommendation for use: Please add a heaped teaspoon or a level tablespoon to a glass of water, tea or other beverages!



The biophotons are plant strengthening agents on a biologically natural basis without further chemical additives or physical aids. If you use our biophotons for other purposes, you do so at your own risk.

Our biophoton products can also be used in other ways due to their nature. There is a lot of information about this on the Internet.