Mountaindrop Mumijo (Black Goo)

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100% pure Mumijo (Black Goo) 25g in violet glass jar Mountaindrop is a resin made from plant sediments that have been leaking out of rock crevices of the intact Altai Mountains over thousands of years. It is enriched with minerals, vitamins and other vital substances.

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Mighty nature

Since ancient times, Mother Nature has given people incredible gifts. One of these is the special drop that comes from the Altai Mountains. After experiencing the effects, then nothing will be the same again.

Mountaindrop supports your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual functions, allowing you to go beyond your potential. It is lovingly hand-harvested and handmade in a special purple glass container that preserves the drop in its original form. This guarantees that you get the best quality, as it was natural.

Enjoy this incredible gift from Mountaindrop!


MOUNTAINDROP is a pure resin made of plant sediments known as Mumijo (Moomiyo), Black Goo, Asphaltum or Shilajit. Traditionally, it is considered a rare elixir of life, which seeps through from the mountain crevices at an altitude of over 3000 m. It is acquired through a special manufacturing process in which its original purity, vital substances and energy are preserved.

MOUNTAINDROP is a food supplement, produced with love for natural harmony. The forces of nature come together in a small drop, and this drop once a day is enough to strengthen your highest physical, mental, emotional and energetic potentials. The high biopotential of this substance has also been proven by numerous measurements.

MOUNTAINDROP is hand poured into special informed glasses, in which its natural energy is preserved in its original form.



Clear thoughts, good memory and effective memorization are unfortunately not a matter of course. Mental and cognitive functions must be maintained and trained just like muscles. With learning and study, the brain can be exercised very well, but a lot of effort and endurance is required. In addition, in our golden years, the ability to concentrate and remember often deteriorates. MOUNTAINDROP supports mental and cognitive functions. Get clear, quick and collected thoughts throughout your life!



Endurance and discipline, with which physical performance is developed, are decisive for sporting progress. However, recovery and regeneration are also important phases of any training. Building, maintaining and regenerating muscle tissue are essential if we want to develop as athletes. May you strive for a gold medal or only for self-conquest, in any case clear goals and effective support of the organism are necessary. MOUNTAINDROP supports mental and cognitive functions, helps to normalize body weight and supports fat metabolism as well as the metabolism of sugars. Overcome your limits!



Hormones are involved in many functions in the development and activities of the body. They also affect our satisfaction and mood. A fulfilled intimate life is an important part of partnership and general harmony of life. MOUNTAINDROP helps to achieve the stability and comfort of the menstrual cycle, supports female into male sexual functions and helps to maintain prostate health. Don't let stress and fatigue share in your joy in this wonderful area of life!



It is relatively easy to gain weight and quite complicated to lose the weight gained. There are countless 'successful' diets that promise a quick way to the desired weight, but they often forget to mention that the real work begins after the slimming cure. Without permanent changes we can quickly find ourselves back at the beginning. MOUNTAINDROP supports fat metabolism and metabolism of sugars and helps to normalize body weight. Decide on a new lifestyle, with which you can become slim without great effort and excessive renunciation!



The skin is our largest organ and the border with our environment. It is characterized by incredible elasticity and regeneration capacity. Under extreme conditions in cases such as pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss and open wounds, rapid changes can lead to permanent skin changes such as stretch marks or scars. Because of lifestyle or hormonal imbalance, subcutaneous changes such as cellulite may also occur. Nevertheless it is never too late! With appropriate regenerating agents, our skin has extraordinary regenerative abilities. As the saying goes, we are happiest when we feel good in our skin. Let your inner contentment also radiate outwards!

Production of a Mumijo ointment against cellulite, scars and stretch marks

- Dissolve 1 part Mumijo in the same amount of purified water.

- Melt 9 parts shea butter (shea butter) in a bowl warmed up in warm water.

Add the mumijo and water mixture to the melted butter and stir until a homogenous mass is obtained. If you want a pleasant fragrance, add a drop of your favourite essential oil. Leave the resulting ointment to cool so that it hardens again.

Directions for use::

Massage the ointment into the affected areas once or twice a day, preferably after a shower when the skin pores are open.

For a potentiated effect, apply a thicker layer and leave for 2 hours. Rinse with lukewarm water after use.

The first results can be seen after 4 to 6 weeks.

The mumijo and water mixture can also be mixed into the day or night cream and used to refresh and revitalize the facial skin.



The life of a woman is characterized by many intensive phases. A harmonious hormone balance is important for her well-being and pleasure. A regulated menstrual cycle without the famous premenstrual syndrome (PMS), healthy urinary organs and a gentle menopause are important factors for a happy life for every woman. The energy needed to treat physical imbalance can be used up for a fulfilling everyday life if the appropriate precautions are taken. MOUNTAINDROP supports female sexual functions, helps to normalize body weight, achieve the stability and comfort of the menstrual cycle and maintain the health of the urinary system. Enjoy your femininity!



Dealing with stress and responsibilities in business and personal life can be quite a challenge. Stress disrupts physical balance and demands a lot of energy, which can have serious physical and mental consequences. MOUNTAINDROP supports mental and cognitive functions, male sexual functions, fat metabolism and sugar metabolism. It also helps to normalize body weight and maintain the health of the urinary system and prostate. If you take appropriate precautions and actively seek regular energy renewal, all your goals will be achievable. You can do it, no worries!



Aging is an inevitable process that takes place every second of our lives. However, with proper care for the body and mind, the aging process can be slowed down; we reap what we sow! Our golden years are much more beautiful when we keep ourselves in shape through physical activity, the health of the heart and blood vessels, cognitive abilities, supple joints and a positive attitude. Through our lifestyle, symptoms of age-related illnesses can be avoided or at least alleviated. MOUNTAINDROP supports mental and cognitive functions as well as female and male sexual functions, it helps to normalize body weight and maintain the health of the urinary system and prostate, and supports fat metabolism and the metabolism of sugars. Every stage of life can be beautiful!


Traditionally Mumijo/Black Goo is dissolved and taken in water, tea or milk at a temperature of up to 39°C. It is recommended to use filtered and unchlorinated water. In the beginning the dose should be in the size of a grain of wheat; later it can be dosed up to the size of a pea. Ghee (clarified butter), coconut butter or honey can also be added to the solution.

DOSIS: Spoon the Mumijo/Black Goo in the size of a wheat grain or a pea and dissolve it in 200 ml of liquid. In a few minutes the shilajit is completely dissolved. Stir and take.

Do not exceed the indicated recommended dose (0.2 to 0.6 g).

After three weeks of consumption, a week break is recommended.

Mumijo/Black Goo can be used in several ways. It is an excellent ingredient for regeneration drinks, smoothies or other culinary specialties. It also works well in combination with other dietary supplements and foods because it increases their potential.

In the cosmetic field, Mumijo/Black Goo is added to various masks, peelings, wraps and ointments. With these, excellent results are achieved due to its high efficiency!

Mumijo/Black Goo contains no allergens and is therefore suitable for all skin types.