Black Goo Globules

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Black Goo Globules, radionic preparation Contents: 1.3g (approx. 160 pcs.)

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Black Goo Globules

by Harald Kautz-Vella

The new Black Goo Globules carry the signatures of both the terrestrial 7-chakra Black Goo and the extraterrestrial 3-chakra Black Goo as a radionic preparation. Thus the preparation contrasts "good" and "evil" in its purest form, namely in the form of the two material poles of duality.

The goal is the complete reconnection to the earthly collective consciousness, the return to paradise. The path is the transformation of the darkness that everyone still carries within himself. Since this darkness - like the willingness to let go of it - is individually very different, the range of effects lies between "nothing" and the initiation of extremely intense processes of consciousness, which can include emotional experiences as well as physical side effects. Translated with (free version

We recommend the Black Goo Globules by Harald Kautz-Vella::
- Activation of the heart chakra - Healing of emotional traumas - reactivation of the emotional sensitivity - Restoration of empathy and emotional communication - healing of the connection to Mother Earth, the nature kingdoms and all fellow beings - Transformation of psychopathic or autistic symptoms - Liberation from negative influences by astral beings, extraterrestrials and artificial intelligence - and much more besides

Application according to radionic or kinesiological testing, usually 3x 3 beads or 2x 5 per day.

Due to the rapid changes that our planet is currently undergoing, it was necessary to adapt the recipe for the Black Goo Globules. All upcoming imprints are made directly from living 7-chakra Black Goo to be as close as possible to the current signature of Mother Earth. The accompanying radionic codes have also been adapted to the quality of time and focus on the currently ongoing awakening process: they serve to open the heart, dissolve duality, promote the awakening of the true self and the dissolution of the ego. They help to rediscover the unconditional compassion within oneself and help to pass through the fear gate through which we must pass in order to transform our own darkness into growth.

Things to know about Black Goo

Black Goo is a mineral oil with metallic nanostructures that has a previously unknown form of magnetism and can carry the essence of a planet in a network of leylines as "hardware". It is formed on all planets with biospheres and carries a biophoton-based planetary collective memory. It is also the source of the instincts of all species. Earthly Black Goo can be found at volcanoes, in deep-seated oil reservoirs and in young high mountains, where leylines are cut off by shearing rock masses and lifted to the surface.

16,000 years ago, a swarm of meteorites hit the earth, consisting of an oil shale with a foreign Black Goo. This goo carried the signature of a planet populated by reptiles. It resonates exclusively with the second, third and sixth chakras (sexuality, life energy and mind) and inspires aggression, empathy and sexual violence. The arrival of this "Alien Black Goo" on Earth created duality. Pieces of this oil shale have been the linchpin of all black magic rites ever since. In 2015, the holographic field of consciousness of this alien Black Goo was connected to the field of the Earth, whereby it received the missing chakras and has been harmless ever since. Now it is time to heal the effects of the lived darkness in people.
The signature of the Alien Black Goo as the essence of evil helps to feel the own lived darkness within oneself and thus to heal. The signature of the earthly Black Goo should help to find the reconnection to our planetary collective consciousness and thus to become fully empathic again - which ultimately means the return to paradise. All other radionic codes should catalyze this process.