NEW! BioEngineTec - biological fuel additive

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Biophotons are a natural regenerative for humans, animals, nature and now also for engines! Content: 250ml


BioEngineTec - biological fuel additive

How and why do photons also work and benefit motors?
Due to harmonic-natural transformation properties!
Through a new physical process, the molecular structure of the fuel is changed and improved, thereby improving the combustion behaviour of the fuel. The BioEngineTec fuel additive can be used for all 2-stroke, 4-stroke, petrol, diesel and Wankel engines.
  • less consumption    
  • smoother running
  • less emissions

Cut off approx. 1cm of the dosing tip before first use.
When using for the first time, apply two strokes, approx. 50ml, before refuelling.
Before each subsequent refuelling, add 25ml (approx. one mark on the left edge of the label) to each 50 litres of fuel in the filler neck. Then refuel as usual.
Contents: 250ml (corresponds to approx. 10 applications)
Safety advice: Keep away from children!