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NOW A FABULOUS 30% CHEAPER! Clairvoyance for Aura Blind! See your and your fellow men's aura & chakras live in motion in 3D - with many additional graphics

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The latest aura system from Inneractive

The aura systems from Inneractive are reduced with an incredible 30% discount!

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See your and your fellow human beings' aura & chakras live in motion - with many additional graphics NOW NEW IN 3D!

  • Since 1992 the best professional aura system on the market
  • Over 5 years of research and development by biofeedback and computer specialists together with clairvoyant media
  • Effective and real aura display live in real time - NOW IN 3D
  • The optimal system for the visualization and observation of the psycho-energetic areas of the human being
  • Simple operation and mobile use
  • Internationally proven in use around the world
  • Ongoing development and upgrades

We have been working with the Aura Video System since 1995 and, based on our 18 years of experience and thousands of personal aura sessions, we can guarantee its practical effectiveness and quality!
With the IE AURACLOUD from Inneractive you too can see your own aura and the aura and chakras of your fellow human beings live and in motion - NOW IN 3D. You observe the energetic world of yourself or your clients and patients, see what they think and feel, in which inner energy qualities they are moving, and thus can help you in an optimal way.
Additionally you can learn with this aura system and teach others how to consciously control, change and finally master your aura and the energy flow of the chakras.

The system has a full and half-body aura display with additional graphics and options (mental activity, emotional measurement, energy level measurement, polarity balancing, a separate chakra program, 20 different individual expressions, etc.).

AuraCloud package offers a selection of biofeedback tools for clear and constructive measurements of human energy. It also displays aura and chakra results in real time in an easy-to-understand vivid palette of 3D formats, and with new data applications, the profiles in the cloud can be used as a reference and validation of your treatments can be saved. Clients can see the analysis of their session online or share it with friends and family, always with their professional practice in mind.

Key features::

Cloud Interface - Allows remote access to static reports anywhere in the world, plus convenient backup and restore of stored sessions. 3D with enhanced resolution - Provides patients and healers with enhanced capabilities to analyze differentiated aspects of the aura with zoom and from different angles. Window functionality - Provides more flexibility to arrange applications to your personal taste.


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IE AURACLOUD 3D  Das neueste Aurasystem von Inneractive
IE AURACLOUD 3D  Das neueste Aurasystem von Inneractive IE AURACLOUD 3D  Das neueste Aurasystem von Inneractive   IE AURACLOUD 3D  Das neueste Aurasystem von Inneractive IE AURACLOUD 3D  Das neueste Aurasystem von Inneractive IE AURACLOUD 3D  Das neueste Aurasystem von Inneractive