ALVITO undercounter carbonite cartridge

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Always clean water cheaply from the tap!

Art no.: AlvitoWF


Alvito carbonite filter cartridge

For Vario under-sink filter Basic

The excellent carbonite filter cleans your domestic water of bacteria, metals and chemicals up to 99%. It produces a healthier drinking water than from the bottle, you no longer have to carry crates and you also save money!

The filter is mounted under the sink on the water pipe and is immediately ready for use. The filtered water can be taken from the separate tap and the usual tap remains free for the service water withdrawal. Only suitable for cold water.

Do you know how good water from your tap can taste?

Carbonit uses particularly high-quality activated carbon filters. The basis of the filter cartridges is activated carbon from coconut shells. Carbonit uses an extremely fine powder instead of a granular granulate. This powder is "baked" into a solid filter block using an internationally patented technology, almost like bread.

The benefit - A small difference with a big effect

The advantage of this technology is that very homogeneous filter cartridges with particularly fine pores can be produced. Extensive tests confirm this: The finer the filter pores that the water has to pass through, the finer the actual filtration and the more unwanted substances are removed from the water. (colloidal minerals remain in the filtered water). In addition to the excellent water you get, you will save a lot of money, environmental resources and time.

Carbonite produces the only activated carbon filters that have been proven to be

  • Residues of medicines
  • Hormone-like substances and polar pesticides
  • Pathogenic bacteria
  • Remove copper and lead even in very high concentrations.


Suitable as a replacement cartridge. Under-sink filter housing is NOT included.
Please order ALVITO under-sink filter together with ALVITO when buying a new filter.