Alvito water vitalizer

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Energize and vitalize your drinking water

Art no.: AlvitoBS400


Alvito water vitalizer

Energetic water activation!

Works without electricity and without chemicals, easy self-installation on the house wiring. With 15 years warranty on material and function.

During the physical water treatment no substances are added to the water and no substances are removed. The water remains the same in its chemical composition and the natural content of minerals is preserved. Instead, the water is transformed by physical influences.

The Alvito water vitalizers change the structures in the passing water with their intensive energetic field. Direct contact with the water is unnecessary with this form of purely physical water treatment.

Simple self-assembly is possible on all metal and plastic pipes without specialist knowledge using the supplied accessories

Alvito water vitalizers also contain several pure, selected rock crystals, which with their natural power and order are beneficial for good water. In modern water research, the formation of water clusters has been the subject of interest for years and it is assumed that the different patterns are part of the "memory" of water - in other words, the ability to carry information and energy. Water is more than the sum of its chemical compounds. This experience, which has been confirmed many times over, is evident in the world-famous medicinal springs as well as in the drinking cures of the seaside resorts, which have been famous for centuries.

All Alvito water vitalizers contain pure and untreated yellow mineral earth, which is also used for Ayurvedic natural cosmetics. The minerals are energetically refined during the production of the water vitalizers by imprinting ultra-fine vibration patterns. This physical technology was developed and refined by Alvito himself in 20 years of research. The oscillation patterns are transferred from the water vitalizer at the pipe to the water according to the resonance principle and cause a new order of the crystalline water structures. The ultra-fine oscillation patterns provide for a structure formation in the inner network of the water. The model for this energetic vitalization is the original, ordered crystal structure as in a living water from untouched nature.


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