KOLZOV plates

The functional correctors by Sergei Koltsov

The "Functional Correctors" were developed by the Russian researcher and rocket engineer Sergey Kolzov to stop getting sick and to maintain or achieve maximum vitality! The quantum field generated by standing scalar waves is enriched with the most effective information, proven to correct our biological and psycho-energetic system!


Scientifically proven protection!

For a good 5 years the elite scientists of the Ministry of Health, Social and Environmental Development of the Russian Federation have researched the "Functional Correctors" in their unique effect through extensive testing and confirmed them as a worldwide unique "device" for scientifically evaluated correction of biological systems for everyday practice in information medicine!

The selection of the individually suitable KOLZOV PLATE

There are many exciting plates, but which one should you start with?

To solve health problems, the choice of the right Kolzov plate depends, of course, on the particular problems that need to be addressed - here, especially in the "collection plates" series, there are many with very specific references to organs or diseases. However, the same health problems and symptoms can also have different causes individually. Thus, often not only one Plate can be recommended, but usually several are possible - see the list below on organs and endocrine glands. 

A very good possibility of basic health regulation is still "the classic" - the application of the plates for BASIC REGULATION with

  • "No.1" and "No.2".
  • and for women the "No.3
  • and for men the "No.4" (all series BLUE)

Also the stimulation for personality development with one of the Kolzov plates and the support for meditation and spirituality is possible with different plates - see below the list for meditation, personality development and spirituality.


1. If only 1 plate can be selected - general protection and energy:  

Do you want only one plate as protection against electrosmog and for energetic stimulation the following plates are particularly suitable:

"No.21 - Mirror of the Soul" (GOLD series).
"Kolzov's gift of light" (ELITE series)
"Accident Protection" (Series Themes EXCLUSIVE)
"Protector" (ELITE series)
Kolzov bracelet "Light power" or "Renewal

2. selection of 2-3 plates - general, protection and basic regulation:

If you do not have any specific problems or wishes and you want protection against electrosmog, energetic support and basic health regulation, the following plates are particularly suitable:

"No.1" and "No.2" (series BLUE) and in addition "No.3 - women's plate" or "No.4 - men's plate" (series BLUE) - with these three plates you can already achieve a lot and solve a variety of problems.
"No.21", "No.17" and "No.18 (series GOLD)
"No.21", "Love YIN" and "Love YANG" (Series Themes EXCLUSIVE)
"Kolzov's Gift of Light" and "Gold of the Gobi Desert" (ELITE series) and possibly "True Love" (EXCLUSIVE series)
"Danilovo Lake" and "Secret Holy Lake" (series Themes EXCLUSIVE) and in addition possibly "True Love" (series Themes EXCLUSIVE)
Kolzov bracelet "Immune Shield" and "Cardio", Renewal" and "Light Power

3rd Kolzov plates for women:

Breast: "Mamma" (series COLLECTION)
Uterus, ovaries: "Bereginja" (series COLLECTION)
Metabolism and hormones: "No.3 - Women's Plate" (BLUE series)
Energy balance: "Love Yin" (especially together with "Love Yang", series Themes EXCLUSIVE)
Emotions: "Harmony" (series GREEN), Kolzov bracelet "Charm/Woman
Pregnancy: "Bereginja" (series COLLEGE), "Source of the Three Hierarchs" (series ELITE), "Paraskeva" (WINTER series), bracelet "Stork 

4. kolzov plates for men:

Metabolism and hormones: "No.4 - Men's Plate" (BLUE series)
Prostate: "Nephrite" (series COLLECTION)
Energy balance: "Love Yang" (especially together with "Love Yin", series Themes EXCLUSIVE)
Emotions/assertiveness: "Black Mountain" (series Themes EXCLUSIVE), "Winner" (series COLLECTION), Kolzov bracelet "Magnate/Man".

5. kolzov plates for children (but not only):

"Generations Plate" (series Themes EXCLUSIVE).
"No.13 - Healthy intellect" (series FLIES)
"No.11 - Healthy lifestyle" (series FLIEDER)
"Clear View" (Series GREEN)
Bracelet "Intelligence Activator

6. partnership, relationships

"True Love" (Theme Plate GREEN), 
"Order Plate Woman" and "Order Plate Man" (Theme Plate GREEN),
"Love Yin" and "Love Yang" (Theme-Plate EXCLUSIVE)
"Generations" (theme plate GREEN), 
Kolzov bracelet "Stork" and "Bliss".

7. anti-stress

"Source of llamas" (series COLLECTION),
"Sdrawa" (series COLLECTION),
"Winner" (series COLLECTION),
Powerful Water" (series COLLECTION),
"Kamerton" (series COLLECTION)
"Protector" (ELITE series)
"Spring of the Three Holy Hierarchs" (ELITE series)
Kolzov bracelet "Health navigator".

8. fears, shock

"Indi" (series KOLLEKTION), 
"Neurovita" (series COLLECTION), 
"No.8 - Sleep and Regeneration" (series BLUE)
"Lhasa" (Theme Plate EXCLUSIVE)
"Bliss" (series COLLECTION)
Kolzov bracelet "Intelligence activator" and "Overcoming".

9. hormones and glands

Pancreas: "Balance" (series COLLECTION), "Jiva" (series COLLECTION), "No.5 - Organs" (series BLUE)
Mammary gland: "Mamma" (series COLLEKTION)
Ovaries: (COLLEKTION series)
pineal gland: "Barbara Quelle" (series COLLEKTION), "No.12 - Healthy Sleep" (series VIOLET), "No.8 - Sleep and Regeneration" (series BLUE)
Pituitary gland: "Indi" (series COLLECTION), "Barbara Quelle" (series COLLECTION)
Adrenal glands: "Jiva" (series COLLECTION), "No.1 - Anti-parasites" (series BLUE), Kolzov bracelet "Overcoming".
Prostate: "Nephrite" (series COLLECTION)
Thyroid gland: "Yudek" (series COLLECTION), "Paraskeva" (WINTER series),
Thymus gland: "Olgir" (COLLECTION series), "No.1 - Anti-Parasites" (BLUE series)

10. organ and body reference

Eyes: "Velikoretsky" (COLLECTION series), "Clear look 1" (EXCLUSIVE series), "Clear look 2" (EXCLUSIVE series), "Healing 1" (EXCLUSIVE series), "No.1 - Anti-parasites" (BLUE series), "Danilovo Lake" (EXCLUSIVE series), "Protector" (ELITE series), "Paraskeva" (WINTER series),
connective tissues: "Healing 2" 1 (series Themes EXCLUSIVE), "No.6 - Skin Cleansing" (series BLUE), "No.7 - Skin Nutrition" (series BLUE)
Intestine: "Key to Health 1" (COLLECTION series), "Key to Health 2" (COLLECTION series), "Amaranth" 1 (Themes EXCLUSIVE series), "Endovita" (ELITE series), "No.1 - Anti-parasites" (BLUE series), "No.2 - Detoxification" (BLUE series), "Liberator" (WINTER series), Kolzov bracelet "Vita-Balance" and "Renewal
Bile: "Hepavita" (COLLECTION series),
Brain: "Sdrawa" (COLLECTION series), "Long Life" (GREEN series), "No.13 - Healthy Intellect" (FLEET series), "No.1 - Anti-parasites" (BLUE series), Kolzov bracelet "Intelligence Activator".
Joints: "No.10 - Healthy Joints" (FLEED series), Neurovita (COLLECTION series), ("Healing 1" (Themes EXCLUSIVE series), "Protector" (ELITE series), "Freedom of Movement" (WINTER series), "Pearl of Sergiyevsk" (WINTER series)
Urinary tract: "Nephrite" (COLLECTION series),
Throat, nose, ears: "Extra ENT" (COLLECTION series), "Sdrawa" (COLLECTION series),
Skin: "Phoenix" (series COLLECTION),, "No.6 - Skin Cleansing" (series BLUE), "No.7 - Skin Nutrition" (series BLUE), Danilovo Lake (series Themes EXCLUSIVE),
Heart: "Norm of Life 1 and 2" (series COLLECTION), "Pearl of Serbia" (series COLLECTION), "No.9 - Healthy Heart" (series FLEET), "Danilovo Lake" (series Themes EFFICIENT), "Rapa" (WINTER series), Kolzov bracelet "Cardio".
Immune system: "Key to Health 2" (COLLECTION series), "Olgir" (COLLECTION series), "Natural Antibiotic" (EXCLUSIVE series), "Secret Holy Lake" (COLLECTION series), "Extra ENT" (COLLECTION series),, "Allergy Protection" (COLLECTION series), "No.1 - Anti-parasites" (BLUE series), "No.2 - Detoxification" (BLUE series), "Companion" (WINTER series), Kolzov bracelet "Immune shield".
Liver: "Hepavita" (COLLECTION series), "Source of Llamas" (COLLECTION series), "No.5 - Organs" (BLUE series), Kolzov "Renewal" bracelet
Lungs: "Healthy Lungs" (series COLLECTION), "Velikorezki" (series COLLECTION), "No.5 - Organs" (series BLUE), Kolzov bracelet "Overcoming
Lymph: "Jiva" (series COLLECTION), "No.5 - Organs" (series BLUE), bracelet "Venorm
Stomach: "Key to Health 1" (COLLECTION series), "No.3 - Women's Plate" (BLUE series), "No.4 - Men's Plate" (BLUE series), "No.5 - Organs" (BLUE series)
Musculature, vertebrae and joints: "Welikorezki" (series COLLECTION), "Healing 1" (series Themes EXCLUSIVE), "No.10 - Healthy joints" (series FLEET), "Neurovita" (series COLLECTION"), "No.14 - GOLDEN Pyramid" (series FLIEDER), "No.22 "Back to yourself" (series GOLD), "No.6 - Skin Purification" (series BLUE), "No.7 - Skin Nutrition" (series BLUE)
Nervous system: "Neurovita" (COLLECTION series), "Sdrawa" (COLLECTION series), "Yudek" (COLLECTION series), "Healing 2" (GREEN series), "No.20 - "Purification" (GOLD series)
Kidney: "Nephrite" (series COLLEKTION), "Norm of Life 1" (series COLLEKTION), "No.5 - Organs" (series BLUE)
Metabolism: "Source of Llamas" (series COLLECTION), "Balance" (series COLLECTION), "Barbara Source" (series COLLECTION), "Hepavita" (series COLLECTION), "Amaranth" (series Themes EXCLUSIVE), "No.2 - Detoxification" (series BLUE), "No.6 - Organs" (series BLUE)
Spine: "Healing 1" (series Themes EXCLUSIVE), "Golden Section" (series Themes EXCLUSIVE), "Velikorezki" (series COLLECTION), "Source of the Three Holy Hierarchs" (series ELITE)
Teeth, gums: "Healthy teeth" (series COLLECTION), "Danilovo lake" (Series Topics EXCLUSIVE)

11. for inflammations and infections

"Allergy protection" (series COLLECTION),
"Barbara "Source" (series COLLECTION),
"Extra ENT" (series COLLEKTION),
"Healthy teeth" (series COLLEKTION),
"Healthy Lungs" (series COLLEKTION),
"Jiva" (COLLECTION series),
"Olgir" (series COLLECTION),
"Pearl of Serbia" (series COLLECTION),
"Phoenix" (series COLLECTION),
"Bereginja" (series COLLECTION),
"Key to Health 2" (series COLLECTION),
"Sdrawa" (series COLLECTION),
"Natural antibiotic" (series TOPICS EXCLUSIVE),
"No.1 - Anti-parasites" (series BLUE), and "No.2 - Detoxification" (series BLUE)
"Liberator" (WINTER series),
"Freedom of movement" (WINTER series),
Kolzov bracelet "Immune shield" and "Light force".

12. recovery, strengthening (general)

"Powerful water" (strengthening - COLLECTION series), 
"Olgir" (immune system, anti-cancer - COLLECTION series), 
"Kamerton" (strengthening - series COLLECTION), 
"No.11 - Healthy way of life"(series FLIES), "No.16 - Pure space" (Zellmlieu -series FLIES), 
"Velikorezki" (strengthening - series COLLECTION), 
"No.17 - Revival" (unblocking, balance - series GOLD) and "No.18 - "Synchronization" (balance - series GOLD), "No.20 - "Purification" (unblocking - series GOLD), 
"No.21 - "Mirror of the soul" (strengthening - GOLD series), 
"No.1 - Anti-Parasites" and "No.2 - Detoxification" (series BLUE) in addition "No.3 - Women's Plate" (Metabolism and Hormones - series BLUE) and "No.4 - Men's Plate" (Metabolism and Hormones - series BLUE) respectively, 
"Koltsov's gift of light" and "Gold of the Gobi desert" (strengthening, balance - ELITE series), 
"Danilovo Lake" and "Secret Holy Lake" (strengthening, balance - series Themes EXCLUSIVE)
"Code Gobi" (series Themes ELITE).
"Bogurayev", "Companion" and "Pearl of Sergiyevsk" (WINTER series)
Koltsov bracelet "Immune shield", "Fitness", "Overcoming" and "Health navigator".

13. cardiovascular system

"Norm of life 1" (high blood pressure, COLLECTION series), and "Norm of life 2" (low blood pressure, COLLECTION series),
"Pearl of Serbia" (circulatory disorders) (series COLLECTION),
"Jiva" (blood circulation) (series COLLECTION),
"Kamerton" (fluidity of blood) (series COLLECTION),
"Sieger" (stability and blood circulation) (series COLLECTION),
"Velikorezki" (heart muscle) (series COLLECTION),
"Source of the Three Holy Hierarchs" (ELITE series)
Theme plate GREEN: "Long life", "True love".
"No.2 - Detoxification" (BLUE series), "No.5 - Organs" (BLUE series), "No.6 - Skin Purification" (BLUE series), "No.7 - Skin Nutrition" (BLUE series)
Kolzov bracelet "Cardio" and "Venorm

14. sports and healthy lifestyle:

"Velikorezki" (series COLLECTION),
"Powerful water" (series COLLECTION),
"Winners" (series COLLECTION),
"Healthy lungs" (series COLLECTION),
No.11 "Healthy way of life" (series FLIES), 
No.15 "Light of life" (series FLIES), 
"Long life" (theme plate GREEN),
"GOLDEN cut" (series themes EXCLUSIVE),
"Amaranth" (Themes EXCLUSIVE series),
"Code Gobi" (series Themes ELITE),
"Source of the Three Holy Hierarchs" (ELITE series)
"Bogurayev" (WINTER series),
Koltsov bracelet "Fitness", "Renewal" and "Health Navigator".

15. addictions

"No.19 - anti-tobacco/anti-addiction" (GOLD series)
"Healing 1" (Themes series), 
"No.1 - Anti-Parasites" and "No.2 - Detoxification" (series BLUE) in addition "No.3 - Women's Plate" (series BLUE) and "No.4 - Men's Plate" (series BLUE) respectively, 
"Koltsov's gift of light" and "Gold of the Gobi Desert" (ELITE series), 
"Spring of the Three Holy Hierarchs" (ELITE series)
Kolzov bracelet "Health navigator", "Renewal" and "Light power".

16. aura protection and purification:

"No.14 - Golden Pyramid" (series FLIES),
"No.20 - "Purification" (GOLD series), 
"No.21 - "Mirror of the Soul" (GOLD series), 
"No.22 - "Back to oneself" (GOLD series), 
"No.23 - Liberation" (GOLD series), 
"No.24 - Enlightenment" (GOLD series)
"Koltsov's Gift of Light" and "GOLD of the Gobi Desert" (ELITE series) 
"Code Gobi" (ELITE series) 
"Liberator" (WINTER series),
Kolzov bracelet "Renewal" and "Light power".

17. meditation, spirituality, personality development:

"Mountain Altar" (Themes EXCLUSIVE series), 
"Sacred cave" (series Themes EXCLUSIVE), 
"Lhasa" (series Themes EXCLUSIVE),
"Source Shambala" (series Themes EXCLUSIVE),
"Restart CLEAN" and "Restart FILL" (series Themes EXCLUSIVE), 
"Koltsov's Gift of Light" and "GOLD of the Gobi Desert" (ELITE series),
"Lake Manasarovar/Kailash" and "Spring Green Tara/Kailash" (series ELITE)
"No.16 - Pure Space" (series FLIESER)
"No.21 - Mirror of the Soul" (GOLD series),
"No.22 - Back to oneself" (GOLD series), 
"No.24 - Enlightenment" (GOLD series)
"Indi" (series COLLEGE)
"True love" (series GREEN)
"Miracle Worker" (ELITE series) 
"Bogurayev" (WINTER series),
Koltsov bracelet "Intelligence Activator" and "Light Power".

18th Rejuvenation:

"Source of life" (series Themes EXCLUSIVE), 
"Beautiful skin" (series Themes EXCLUSIVE), 
"Danilovo Lake" (series Themes EXCLUSIVE) and "Secret Holy Lake" 

(Themes EXCLUSIVE series), 
"No.15 - Light of Life" (series FLIES), 
"No.6 - Skin Cleansing" and "No.7 - Skin Nutrition" (BLUE series)
"Kolzov's Gift of Light" and "Gold of the Gobi Desert" (ELITE series)
Kolzov bracelet "Light power" and "Renewal

19. wish fulfillment, inner and outer wealth, success:

"Fortuna" (series themes EXCLUSIVE),
"Golden Sand" (Themes EXCLUSIVE series), 
"Abundance and Success" (Theme Plate GREEN), 
"Black Mountain" (Themes EXCLUSIVE series),
"No.23 - Liberation" (series GOLD),
"Winner" (series COLLECTION),
"Indi" (Dissolve fears, series COLLECTION),
Kolzov bracelet "Magnate/Man" and "Bliss".


"EMERGENCY set" and "TRAVEL pharmacy"

In order to facilitate the selection from the multitude of Kolzov plates we have compiled an "emergency set" of only 6 plates. With their help everyone can help himself already with the most different everyday life problems and has also on vacation as "travel pharmacy" always an energetic support with it:

Kolzov plate "Key to health 2" ("Series COLLEGE") - for indigestion, difficult to digest meals, constipation or diarrhea, irritated intestines, to strengthen the intestinal flora and defenses.

Kolzov plate "Powerful water" ("KOLLEKTION" series) - for tiredness and fatigue, anti-jetlag, for faster regeneration after efforts or illness, for balancing the vegetative nervous system

Kolzov plate "Sdrava" ( series COLLEKTION ) - for headaches, stress symptoms, memory disorders, emotional disharmony, also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects

Kolzov plate "Jiva" ( series COLLECTION ) - for lymphatic congestion (also during flights), inflammations and for better blood circulation, for normalization in metabolism and hormonal system

Kolzov plate "No.1" and "No.2" ("BLUE SERIES") - for insect bites, viruses and parasites, for detoxification and purification, for swelling and aching limbs

Important for all problematic situations is: let the plates "flow through". Take two plates and place one under the coccyx, the other in the neck. Place a third plate on the respective problem area or hold or place it gradually on all 7 chakras. 

Before and after, place a glass of water on the thematically appropriate plate, let it inform and drink it up. Also a warm bath with informed water (put 2-3 plates around the water, fix them with a rubber and then let the water run in slowly; or even put the plates into the water (open them afterwards and let them dry out well).

Detailed descriptions of the plates can be found under each specified series, so for example at "Sdrawa" under "Series COLLECTION"…



This set offers various support to stay healthy and vital until old age:


Kolzov plate "No.15 - Light of Life" (series FLIES) - turns on the body's own regeneration and rejuvenation functions, activates the formation of stem cells and thus cell renewal, protects telomerases and strengthens mitochondria (keeping cells young).

Kolzov plate "Beautiful skin" ( EXCLUSIVE series ) - for better cell nutrition, firmer connective tissue and epidermis, against age spots.

Kolzov plate "No.8 - Healthy sleep and regeneration" ("BLUE series") - for better sleep and rest during sleep, regulation of stem cell secretion, regulation of glands, regeneration and rejuvenation.

Kolzov plate "Bliss" ("Series COLLEGE") - for emotional balance, against depression, stress, irritability, helps to solve conflicts in social environment.

Kolzov plate "Velikorezki" ("Series COLLECTION") - for more vitality and strength, strengthens the musculature (also heart muscle) and locomotor system, regulates oxygen supply, water balance and nervous system

Kolzov plate "Olgir" ( series COLLEKTION ) - against cellular degeneration (cancer), for strengthening the immune system and cellular regeneration.

Kolzov plate "Sdrava" ("COLLECTION series") - against dementia, memory disorders, for headaches, emotional disharmony.

Kolzov plate "Jiva" ("COLLECTION series") - for better lymph flow and blood circulation, normalization in metabolism, against inflammations .

Kolzov plate "Key to health 2" ("KOLLEKTION" series) - for healthy digestion, also in case of difficult to digest meals, constipation or diarrhea, strengthening of intestinal flora and defenses.

Detailed descriptions of the plates can be found under each indicated series, so e.g. at No.15 under series FLIES...

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