Kolzov Bracelets

Functional correctors - Bracelets

FC bracelets are functional state correctors made by Dr. Koltsov in the form of a bracelet containing 8 mini FC's (active elements). Features and advantages of FC bracelets are that each bracelet consists of 8 active elements with 2 mini-FCs each, loaded with a specific information matrix. The themes stored on the FCs are specially arranged for specific focal points, as a result of which they harmoniously complement and strengthen each other, which has a positive effect on almost all human energy centers and meridians.

Kolzov bracelets are made of gray latex natural rubber. The name of the bracelet is stamped in Russian on the inside of each one.

The color of the bracelets may vary and is not associated with any particular bracelets.

NOTE: The wristbands are made of soft rubber and may tear if handled carelessly. We must point out that the manufacturer will no longer replace broken wristbands, and purchase is at your own risk!

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